What's the Pain?

Every day, you face the blank page, the unnamed file, the empty canvas, the cursor endlessly blinking, because you’ve answered a call. A feeling. An idea. A purpose that asks you, implores you to bring it to life – to give it shape, color, texture, voice, and a place in the world.

Dig Deep

Summon your courage. Dig deep into your well – the places you’ve been, the conversations you’ve heard, the music, films, books, paintings, photographs, friends, family, architecture, clouds, sunlight, and shadows and sunsets – and let them inspire. Drive you. Begin the process of making – the magical, mystical creation of something from nothing at all.

Feel every fear

In your head, you’ll hear every critic’s voice; you’ll bump into your own perceived limits. Feel every fear, hesitation, hang-up, and insecurity rise up. Breathe. Call on your patience and passion. Remember the practice that brought you to this very moment – the hours, the excruciating details, sweat, tears, and beautifully brutal failures. Refuse to avoid them, for they are what you’re made for.

Break Through

Because the pain of creation – ideas and art and beauty getting born – your creative pain – is sacred. It exists not in opposition to pleasure and joy, but alongside them. It is an extricable part of the journey. So instead of avoiding the pain, invite it in, legs quivering, voice shaking, palms sweaty. Let it teach you, push you, and break you – not down – but open – and through.

Break through.

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Vintage Signs Speedart [Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop]

Total time 2hrs in Adobe Illustrator CC & Photoshop BREAK THROUGH!

Japan inspire Speedart [Adobe Illustrator]

Total time 3hrs in Adobe Illustrator CC BREAK THROUGH!

Adding perspective & texture/grain in your illustrations

This time we will be breaking down the creative pain style. From Illustrating our perspective to adding grain and texture along with some other color…

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